What do we do for school districts?

Currently, we’re helping our districts adapt to the pandemic and properly provide for their communities.. Our admins are figuring out how to deliver PPEs to their schools, how to feed families when classes are not in session, how to give internet access to students without it at home, how to support special needs with remote learning and more. To do all this, they not only need to communicate rapid changes to their staff, they also need to ensure everyone has the tools they need to do their day to day work along with these new responsibilities. Our platform and team enables the processes that help districts keep ahead of these evolving needs and support their people.

Even when we’re not in a pandemic, necessary bureaucracy and government regulations and requirements can put school districts in a bind in getting bogged down with paperwork. Our platform is a transformational upgrade for them. We provide schools the opportunity to escape the burden of their operating requirements, giving them more time for truly important work, without having to disrupt how they operate.

Why we need you:

There’s a lot that we need to do... see the first paragraph. Though beyond our current situation we have big plans. We need your help:

  • On a wide variety of projects that require research and learning to complete
  • Building a consistent and reusable front end architecture to support our long term vision
  • Digging into back end performance issues
  • Exploring the space and find solutions to problems that we may not know we even have
  • Contributing to our engineering culture that encourages everyone to bring their whole selves to work
  • A little bit of everything both in engineering and across the company

How is this job unique?

The mindset that runs through everything that we do is our focus on having an equitable, diverse and inclusive culture. How we sell our platform, how we support our districts, and how we write our code. Every team and process works in a way that takes those values and goals into consideration. We conduct onsite research to understand the day to day of everyone who touches the platform from the front office secretary at the school site to the assistant superintendent of business in the district office. We also work to be intentional in how we collaborate as an engineering team to make sure that our newest engineers are supported and have the space to speak up and that our most senior people continue to have to space to learn and hone their craft.

Quick state of the business

The company is doing well! In 2020 we got to 135% of our yearly sales target by October, and since then we're continuing to sell very well. We’re a growing company, looking to continue doing so sustainably and responsibly, and are in it for the long haul.

How we build it

Our Stack: Rails 6.0, Postgresql, Typescript (React/jQuery/Vanilla), Sass CSS, Sidekiq, Circle CI, Heroku, Github

As a platform we focus on the needs of school districts in aggregate. We don’t build custom features for single schools, rather we learn what are things that can help every district. Additionally we don’t try to “disrupt” how school districts work, we meet them where they are. By partnering with our district staff and administrators on critical processes they manage day to day, we work with them over multiple years and are eventually able to bring about organizational and cultural change together.

Making sure that we are building things that districts need means that we do a lot of product research before we start on something. We build things deliberately and intentionally as our districts need a consistent and predictable platform. We make sure we spend the time to deeply understand the needs of our users across all levels of the district. Our platform does a lot of complicated things so we try to limit complexity to where it is needed.

Similarly we try to use technology that is mature and focus on effectiveness over current trends. Our platform is built on a Rails monolith with 100% unit test coverage as well as integration testing for the “happy path” (all tests run in ~7 minutes on CI). With a small team we try to automate what we can while writing clean readable code with great commit messages. It’s not a perfect codebase! But it does some important things very well.

What does normal day look like?

[We’re currently all working remotely and aren't sure yet what our post-pandemic plans are (office? partial office? fully remote?). If you have questions, please let us know]

We’re a team of 5 developers and we like to work collaboratively. This means that you’ll generally be working on a project with another person or two. The projects are part of 6 week cycles that we plan out and tackle together (no sprints). We alternate between product/feature arcs and engineering arcs. A standard day might look like:

  • We put a high priority on timely code review, so maybe warm up by reviewing a branch?
  • 10am: 15 Minute stand-up (except Fridays) talking about any new developments, the plan for the day, and any blockers
  • Mondays at 10:30 we have a company all hands to review how each department is doing
  • The rest of the day, check in with your project team and work together, pair, or divvy up work individually
  • On Fridays we alternate between: Demo Hour and Code Chatter. At Demo Hour everyone gives a 7 minute talk about something work related. Code Chatter is an hour to spend discussing a topic we’ve learned either at or outside of work. Recent topics: OSS contributing tactics, a coding challenge from 99 Bottles of OOP, and web application security.
  • Mix in a weekly 1:1 with your manager, a team retro every two weeks, and a skip level 1:1 with one a Co-founder every month

That’s about it. We’re very meeting light which means there’s lots of time to work with the code.


Annual pay for this role is between 115k-149k, and includes a percentage of company equity in stock options that vest over time.

If this sounds compelling, please apply! Your first conversation will be a casual one with our CTO Qian and will be all about answering your questions and making sure you understand the company and the role and we have a sense of what kind of work you’re looking for. More information about the company as well as the benefits we offer can be found on our Careers Page

We are an Equal Opportunity employer committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce. In fact, one of our four company values is “Work hard for inclusion.” We believe that our team must reflect the diversity of our customers and that a diverse team where everyone feels comfortable being themselves will be a long-term advantage. To support this goal, we implement policies like the Rooney rule in hiring . We actively seek out diversity and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability.

Pursuant to the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, we will consider for employment qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records.