Mid-Level Engineer

We are looking for an experienced full-stack engineer to help us change how districts across the country operate and run every single day. You should have a passion for developing products for communities traditionally underserved by technology and a desire to build an inclusive and collaborative engineering culture. If you are tirelessly curious and want to have a huge impact with the work you do every day, we could be a great fit!

What it’s Like to Work Here

We work in small, nimble teams of 2-3 engineers.

Projects that each team takes on range from real-time search and export tools, database and server optimization, or building our front-end system. Teams rotate regularly so you’ll be working with different people every few sprints.

We’re proud of our ability to be full-stack. We all have preferences for different parts of the stack, but we all share responsibility for and are empowered to improve our entire platform. This commitment also encourages us to grow in areas we’re less familiar with.

We take code quality seriously and are constantly improving our codebase. Every project we work on has dedicated time to address tech debt and we prioritize code quality initiatives on our product roadmap. Oh, and we never ship code without writing a full suite of tests (don’t worry, we’ll help in case this is newer to you)!

We work with a solid set of technologies but are always learning new ones. Our current stack is a mix of Ruby (Rails, RSpec, Capybara) and Javascript (Turbo, Hotwire, React, Redux, Jest, Enzyme) hosted on Heroku / AWS. We also spend every other Friday as a “hack day” to play around with new technologies, contribute to open source or build tools to improve our workflow.

We strive for light and flexible processes. Each team decides how they’ll get work done, but we try to ensure that working solo, together, in our office in Oakland, or remotely from anywhere in the US are all equally effective. Daily standups, sprintly retrospectives, paired programming, randomly assigned code reviews, and “mob reviews” of larger changes are some of the practices we use.

We believe that making great products requires collaboration and empathy. Not only do we work closely with our product and design teams, we make it a point to pay regular visits to our customers. To better understand the challenges our customers are facing, every few months we’ll spend a week directly supporting our client success team.

We are focused on creating a great work environment. Most of all, we work hard to make an environment where honest feedback, mutual respect, and personal growth are valued. We want to make sure everyone feels comfortable bringing their whole self to work.

We need someone who will:

  • Ship critical features to provide value to our customers.
  • Contribute to eliminating technical debt and help us decide what we should tackle next.
  • Articulate ideas and beliefs clearly to the team. Persuade, listen and guide debates to help reach a consensus.
  • Excel at making projects successful. Contribute to completing initiatives on clear timelines. Be proactive in identifying and clearing roadblocks with the team.
  • Help others on the team grow by sharing your knowledge. Make others better through code reviews, pairing, documentation, technical guidance, and mentoring.

What you'll bring:

  • Intense curiosity and problem-solving nature — it brings you joy to chew through difficult technical problems and develop simple, clean code and architecture for complex needs.
  • Track record of building usable, scalable products (we'd love to see your portfolio or links to any projects you can share!).
  • Some web development experience. Ideal if you have knowledge of Rails, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • Collaborative development style: you enjoy pair programming and learning with and from our team.
  • Ability to balance attention to detail with broader project goals and timelines.
  • Passion for building user-centric products.
  • Some experience with architecting and scaling SaaS enterprise applications is a strong bonus.


$117,000- $150,000 Based on experience